Give up one Saturday a year for those in need

Our One Saturday a year project

One Saturday, I gave my heart and my time to a small group of vulnerable children. 'Just one Saturday' seemed easy enough. I’d take it in my stride. But then the cheery faces flooded to greet me – their smiles so brave and pure. My eyes welled up as my soul overflowed. I was 'the helper', but I was the one that healed as I touched the tender cheeks of promise…and held the hope of tomorrow.


Giving up one Saturday of your year, means you are giving love to a child who really needs it. It does not cost you anything but time. In fact you gain a memorable experience that will change you forever. It is a day filled with emotion and the realisation of what life really means to you and what your love and kindness means to others. You make an impact on a child’s life that money can never buy. You fill their empty spaces with meaning and you give them hope for their future. That fact that you sacrificed your lifestyle to care for them, gives them hope.

How can I help?

We call on you as an individual, your group of friends, family or colleagues to rally together and select a date this year to visit a children’s home in East London. A day that you can make incredibly special by arranging fun activities, serving something delicious for lunch, some yummy snacks and simply just chatting and getting to know the children. This is truly a life-changing, incredible experience and as much as you give to them, they give so much more back to you. As parents we understand how tough it can be to care for our children’s every day needs and still have the energy to entertain them. The caretakers of these homes are pushing through the days ensuring the children’s basic needs are met. Exhaustion is a reality and the children yearn for attention and love. These children live and attend school on the property therefore visitors are always welcome as they bring excitement and new things for them to enjoy. Outings can also be arranged. We encourage you to take your children along as you educate them on the reality of the social issues in our country.

We encourage you to book your ONE Saturday this year – and be the change you wish to see in this world.

Top Tips for a Successful Interaction:

Ideas for Activities:

Ideas for Lunch/Snacks:

"You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you"

– Unknown