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Visitor's Testimonials




Thank you for allowing us to visit and spent some time at your Home.

We had lots of fun with the kids and the Nannies are doing a marvellous job. We have so much appreciation for the work you guys are doing daily!



6 AUGUST 2016

Our visit was incredibly amazing!!! These little ones crept into our hearts from the minute we saw them!

It was really such an eye opener to see that all they actually want is attention and affection. It was heart breaking but I am so glad that we were able to give them a morning of love.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to spend time with them. We dropped off a whole lot of goodies with Tracy and Jono for the kids!



20 JANUARY 2016

Dear Greensleeves Villagers,

We would like to express our gratitude and thank you for spending time with our children on Saturday and for fun play equipments you brought,slipper slides,jumping castles,lunch and loads of clothes. May God Bless you in all areas of your lives and may He shower you with every blessing for being members of our Place of Safety

We strive to make a difference in the lives of these children under our care and it would be an impossible task to achieve without the help of people such as yourselves in our community.

Much love from Sibongile, Di & all at Greensleeves Place of Safety



20 FEBRUARY 2016

Our day went really great. We got there at about ten, and organised ourselves while all the children slowly made their way down to the hall. We split them up into four big groups as we had 4 “stations” of games. We rotated the groups untill they all had a turn at each station. We played games such as a relay with an egg and spoon race, apple bob, and digging for smarties, another station was “Open Gates”, another station was a game where they had to race to open a chocolate wrapped in newspaper with a knife and fork. Halfway through we had a short break with a glass of cooldrink and a packet of chips.

After the stations,we broke for lunch of hotdogs and cooldrink. One of the volunteers kids said a beautiful grace for us. We also presented the staff with a big bottle of bubble bath, a box of hug in a mugs, and a box of biscuits, so they could also relax! One of the children at the home gave us a beautiful thank you “speech”.

After lunch, we sorted some make up that was donated to us and let all the girls choose one item. Much fun was had painting nails, putting on lipstick and eyeshadow and mascara. Even the boys and staff were made pretty.

We also had bags of clothing that was donated. We sorted this in age groups and handed them out so that each girl got something. Unfortunately all the clothing was girls. But the boys were given a donation of cricket wickets, bats and balls, a rugby ball, soccer ball and a netball. Also a swingball set, and quite a few plastic balls. We also had bags of donated toys which we left for the staff to sort out.

We really had such an awesome day, and will be doing this again soon!