We can and we will

We are a non-profit organisation whose job is to love others
Creating consistent community interaction through volunteerism

Our vision is to ensure that abandoned children are shown love and care through personal interaction by spending time playing games and engaging in everyday activities as we would with our own children.

We help many Childrens Homes accross the Eastern Cape.

We receive support from whomever and wherever we can. We are always looking for more volunteers and helpers to assist the caretakers and to spend time with the children.

Become an Angel Outreach Sponsor

Angel Outreach partners with corporate sponsors to direct their annual corporate social investment spend to a credible cause For us, CSI goes beyond satisfying what “should” be done, and turns it into a real, tangible social impact that is directly attributable to your company. Angel Outreach aims to spend actual time, regularly in the children’s homes around East London, therefor enabling us to communicate their specific needs.